6 Best Gemstones Jewellery for Engagement

March 17th, 2021

The gemstone jewellery in the UK and other countries are quite common for engagement. Jewellery is staple in the wardrobe of a woman from myriads. Today, gemstones have been featured as the subtle jewellery for creating stunning pieces. There are some popular and aesthetic jewelry that can give you inspiration in the auspicious ceremony. Our expert designers in Pretty Wild Jewellery give you ideas in choosing the best gemstone jewellery for your engagement.

  1. Diamond

Diamond is the most traditional engagement and wedding jewellery. Whenever we talk about engagement, diamonds always play a crucial role. This gemstone is the symbol of timeless beauty. This stone can withstand a lot. It is such a versatile stone which is suitable to both bride and groom in engagement and wedding ceremony. The moral meaning of diamond is style, fashion, and eternal love.

  1. Emerald

Similar to the blue sapphire, the lush green emerald can create vibrancy and its deep shade symbolizes the marital meaning of hope and wisdom. Sometimes this light-shaded cloudy gemstone jewellery increases the beauty of the event. As per the ancient belief, emerald is the favorite stone of the Goddesses of valour. So, love and purity along with passion are the symbol of graciousness involved with the emerald engagement ring that you can give to your life partner.

  1. Sapphire

If you admire the range from deep ocean blue to light gray as per its quality, sapphire can be the best engagement jewellery. You may have heard Prince William bestowed upon Kate Middleton belonging from the family of Princess Diana. If you want to add a touch of fidelity in your love life, blue sapphire can be the best choice as engagement jewellery.

  1. Pearl

Many people love the fruit of the ocean, pearls to present in wedding ceremonies. Coming to the range of sizes, hues, and shapes, pearl rings can be elegantly used for engagement. The marital meaning of pearl defines purity and innocence. So, you can use a pearl ring for your engagement.

  1. Ruby

Ruby red is one of the deepest colours of love and passion. If you love the colour of passion, then you can choose that for the love of your life. However, you need to choose the quality of the stones. Good quality gemstones are always needed to be bought from a reliable jewellery shop.

  1. Topaz

Topaz is the symbol of success and trust. This gemstone jewellery can come in various shades such as yellow, pink, and blue. You may also have seen clear and transparent topaz stone that is popular. So, you can choose this stone for your engagement.

There are various types of gemstone jewellery in the UK. But you have to check the quality of the stone that is available from a reliable jewellery shop. You need to check the reliability of the company while purchasing gemstone for your engagement. If you want to buy gemstone from Pretty Wild Jewellery, we are ready to assure you the quality of the stone. To purchase the jewellery contact us at  +44 (0) 7775334143. You may also email us at hello@prettywildjewellery.co.uk to know more about our brand.