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Jewellery of any kind is meant to make fashion statement and look stylish and elegant when worn. At Pretty Wild Jewellery, we believe that handmade jewellery UK, or jewellery of any kind needs to feel good when worn and inspires a beautiful but wordless conversation between the wearer and the observer!

Pretty Wild Jewellery was established by Donna Maria Lynn and is one of the most reputed names for unusual jewellery UK along with a huge and unique collection of stylish and bespoke handmade jewellery. Donna, the woman behind the brand, is known for styling and designing some of the most stunning and attractive jewellery designs coming in a variety of metal tints like gold, silver and rose gold while featuring some amazing and rare gemstones and brilliant diamonds.

Be it stacker rings UK, or personalised jewellery made of British handmade gold, Pretty Wild Jewellery has a huge assortment of premium handmade jewellery that can be a perfect fit for any occasion or no occasion at all. At Pretty Wild Jewellery, Donna, believes in magic and fairytales and seeks the nature for design inspirations. This can clearly be observed in the designs of various kinds of jewellery we provide. From creating stunning and bespoke handmade jewellery UK, to some of the most fascinating and whimsical designs, Donna is known for edgy and elegant designing. Handmade jewellery designs presented by Donna is what has made Pretty Wild Jewellery popular all across the UK. Along with some creatively brilliant signature styles, Donna also personalises jewellery items and makes some dainty jewellery pieces that are a perfect fit for any kinds of requirements.

When it comes to handmade jewellery and unusual jewellery UK, we use high quality materials and precious metals including sterling silver, solid gold and platinum. You can also find a huge assortment of rare gemstones and brilliant diamonds featured in our handmade gold jewellery and handmade silver jewellery. The designs are not only pretty and elegant but are also personalised based on your preferences.

Our collection of unusual jewellery UK is made by some of the most talented and creative paper-cutting and fairy sculpture artists. Our specially designed ‘Wild’ collection of handmade jewellery is a perfect blend of natural and fantastical themes and designs.

Another mentionable feature of our collection of handmade and unusual jewellery UK is the “Pretty” side of the business name. We create designs and jewellery that are timeless and romantic. From heart designs, birthstone and personalized jewellery, to engagement and wedding rings, necklaces, bangles and gifts personal for you or your loved ones. All our jewellery is handmade and of the highest standards of quality. They are made using hugh quality and precious materials like sterling silver, solid gold or platinum, and an amazing assortment of diamonds and gemstones that lead to exquisite handmade jewellery UK.

What makes Pretty Wild Jewellery your best choice?

Pretty Wild Jewellery is one the leading specialist for a wide range of unusual and hanadw jewellery. We are the number one name for the top handmade birthstone jewellery UK or be it making stunning and incredible wearable art jewellery with gold and silver. We specialise in turning your imagination into reality.

Here are some of our British handmade gold UK collections that are most preferred in the UK:

We make use of a range of colorful gemstones and amazing bespoke textures to make oxidized jewellery for a special rock and roll look, and highly wearable jewellery pieces and stacker rings UK.

Each and every jewellery piece we offer is carefully and lovingly designed in our studio that is located on a working farm in rural Durham in the North East of England, perched on the cliff tops of the North Sea. The studio is located in a place that is surrounded by an abundance of inspirations, and is filled with magical ideas for designing jewellery.

At Pretty Wild Jewellery,and under the leadership of Donna, we make jewellery with a spiritual approach. We believe in values of consciousness, the universe, nature, creativity, healing and uplifting others, curiosity about the world and life beyond this realm, all our designs are unique and inspired by natural and fantastical themes that you can find nowhere else.

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