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Pretty Wild Jewellery: Handmade Stacker Rings UK for all purposes! 

When it comes to handmade and unsual jewellery UK, Pretty Wild Jewellery is one of the leading names preferred by people all across the UK. We manufacture and design all kinds of jewellery including wedding and bridal jewellery, jewellery for men, handmade stacker rings UK and handmade burthstone jewellery UK.

Our designs are unique and specially made based on your preferences. Be it a complete set of wedding jewellery or be it simple earrings wih special gemstones, we can provide all kinds of handmade jewellery UK for all kinds of purposes.

Our collections

When it comes to unsual and handmade jewellery UK, no where else will you find a more versatile collection for all kinds of purposes. Let us take a look at the kinds of jewellery we offer.

Alog with this, we are known for a unique range of nature inspired design collections that are inspired by natural and mythical concepts and feature some of the most amazing designs that are sure to impress anyone. These collections can be worn anywhere and with all kinds of attire and would help the wearer stand out and make a perfect fashion statement.

Our natural inspired collection of unusual jewellery is made from high quality materials and precious metals like stwrling silver, gold and platinum.

ake custom orders as well!

Along with our special and unique collections, we also take in custom orders from our customers and craft the most perfect handmade jewellery UK that are exactly what our customers need.

Whether you prefer a specific rare gemstone to a gold or silver stacking ring UK, or a square gold or silver ring band,  or a round gold or silver ring band, or a different metal finish to your ring, we can offer all kinds of customisation options and design and make the piece you exactly want. You can also add a diamond to a wider ring band or a necklace, add a moon, star, or add a heart shape to the the design or make any other customisation you feel preferable and suitable for the jewellery piece.

Wedding Jewellery you will find nowhere else!

Along with customised handmade jewellery and a huge collection of natural, mythical and fairytale designs, Pretty Wild Jewellery also ofers a uniqye and beautiful range of bridal and wedding jewellery that can make you look exceptuonal on your special day.

From specially handcrafted beautiful bridal necklaces, bracelets to dainty diamond earrings that perfectly compliment your dress, we offer all kinds of wedding jewellery that can perfectly compliment your attire and looks on your special wedding day.

From minimalistic single solitaire gemstone or diamond necklaces in sterling silver or solid gold, to unique and alternative wedding jewellery from rustic twig bangles and moon and star wedding jewellery, we offer a unique and versatile range that can cater to all kinds of preferences, needs and wedding themes.

We have a beautiful selection of wedding jewellery that can be the ideal thank you gift for tye bridesmaids. We also provide special men’s jewellery that can be perfect for the groom. Bee cufflinks and other custom personalized wedding jewellery, all available and specially handcrafted by Pretty Wild Jewellery.

Stacker rings UK and a lot more!

Our collection of handmade stacker rings is also exceptiona and considered one of the best all across the UK. From rings for wedding and engagement, to personal gifts that can be ideal for you or your loved ones, we offer a unique and bespoke range of gold and silver rings and stacker rings UK. From precious gemstones and birthstones to stunning diamonds, you can choose to add anything and a variety of other options to customise what you are buying.

We also have a mixed metals collectioms for rings.